Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cody : Who gets the last Laugh?

Time flies by when you're having fun. What an amazing chapter in the life of Cody Melton. This will make a great little addition in my memoir!
Chapter 6: My Career is in the Toilet. I went from Unknown-Comedian to Unknown-Comedian all in 6 weeks. The "Go Team" Joan, Annie, Leah, and Antonio are like family to me. This experience has changed me in... wait! No it hasn't, I'm still the wise-cracking-chuckle-head I always was, but now I'm funny with some money!

Charmin has been so amazing to work for (TRUTH CAMPAIGN!) -- I really wish this job would never end. It's the kind of gig you dream about if you love people. We got to meet so many fascinating people from around the world and have really cool experiences. Decorating a toilet seat for charity, making funny videos, tweeting about the bathrooms daily, working with Charmin on various projects and performing with Broadway Stars in a musical!

Being a "Go Team" Ambassador put us in a position to use social media in every way possible. We made so many fr
iends who followed us on Twitter, watched our Facebook videos and sent us toilets from around the world.

I have so many memories to carry with me as I depart, my favorite being "Truth Campaign." Some other favorites:

Joan: Saying "I grabbed that little Brother!" Me saying "I'm allergic to nuts "Joan's reply " You ain't allergic to dough-NUTS"

Antonio: saying "That is So Cute"

Leah: Calling everyone "Honey penny" and her saying everyday for six weeks " I wanna do my Cabaret songs today" (Still waiting...)

Annie: Being wonderfully neurotic about everything! And I would have to give her a truth campaign talk... plus her obsession with posting Potty Dance pics and videos!

My favorite thing to do was make "enjoy the go" videos. I had so much fun being creative and talking with people.

I hope I continue to have as much fun in my life as I did working for Charmin. Thank you Charmin I really did "enjoy the go".
Your Prince Charmin:
Cody Melton

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