Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leah-TP 101- MacGyver Style

In the comfortable haven that we call The Charmin Restrooms, there is absolutely no need for the following survival guide. However the sad "truth campaign" (harsh reality) is that Charmin will provide our seats with seats only through December 31st. Throughout my explorations searching high and low to and fro for suitable thrones, I sometimes feel like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom. I see dirty, disrespected bowls that are truly terrifying. I have compiled the following techniques and documented them in images in an effort to help people everywhere in their time of need. When no seat covers are in sight here are some creative ways to revamp that gross I've no choice "no go".
  • 1 - The Classic V

  • 2 - The Triangle

  • 3- The Cross Hatch

  • 4 - The Cross Hatch V Combo

  • 5 - The Nest

  • 6 - The Half Mummy

  • 7 - The Full Mummy

  • 8 - The Perch

Hope it's helpful!
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Your MacGyver of The Go,

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