Thursday, December 3, 2009

To Sit or To Squat: THAT Is The Question! -Annie

I've had some great feedback and discussion regarding my blog entry about "squatty potties" a few days ago. If you read that post, you may recall that some parts of Asia face the humorous challenge of people standing on toilet seats to go to the bathroom, since they are accustomed to squatting over toilets that are basically porcelain holes in the ground.

One friend of mine who has lived in China just sent me this photo of an actual sign on a bathroom wall in Singapore... which seems to be proof that the practice of standing on toilet seats really happens frequently enough to warrant a poster! Kind of incredible...

My question is: WHY?
Are people squatting because they prefer it? Or just because they're used to it? One friend wrote me that squatting is actually better for health, meaning it prevents the necessity of "Preparation H" later, if you know what I mean. (To that, all I can really say is: wow.)

SO... regarding the sit vs. squat dilemma, I recently learned about a new website that can actually show you where to find a decent public restroom, anywhere in the world! (For those of us who live in NYC, this is an amazing tool -- we have all experienced the drama of trying to find a good place to go!) So check out:! It's also a downloadable free application for the iPhone, which seems even more amazingly useful, when you have to go and you're on the go. But please -- like the sign says, if you choose to squat, don't squat on the pot!

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