Thursday, December 3, 2009

Funny Man Cody: Yes it's FREE!!

So, living in NYC can make you a little skeptical sometimes. When someone tells me something is free in this city I say, "ok, it's free, but what's the catch?" The the biggest reaction I have been seeing is: raised eyebrows, pursed lips, and the famous question, "why is Charmin doing this?" Trying to find a clean free restroom in New York City seems almost impossible most of the time, and with holiday shopping season upon us, it is. If you live here, you know you have to buy a cup of coffee or pretend you will be eating at a restaurant to try and use a single stall restroom, which most likely has a line of others just like you. You can start to feel here like you are getting nickeled and dimed to death!

My favorite thing here at the Charmin Restrooms is the GIANT toilet, where a Charmin team member takes an awesome pic of you, and then you can pick it up on your way out FOR FREE!!!! Every single person who approaches asks, "how much is it?" We say, "free" and they are absouletly SHOCKED! DISBELIEF on their faces! They just can't believe it's free. It's really cool to be able to give people visting New York City during the holidays a truly awesome, FREE experience.

I recently met Hailey Hightower and her father Trenton. This was Hailey's second time here at Charmin. Trenton told me they had seen
two Broadway musicals and the Rockettes (and spent hundreds of dollars for this fancy New York entertainment)... and his daughter Hailey would not stop asking to come back to the Charmin Restrooms. Hailey explained this was the most fun thing she had done in New York -- she especially loved the toilet paper roll jumping pit! Trenton was proud of what Charmin was doing because his Grandfather worked for P&G his whole life with Zest Soap.

Moral of the story is: sometimes in life, there IS a free lunch. And, usually when you buy your child an expensive toy, they want to jump in a toilet paper pit instead!

Your Prince Charmin
Cody Melton

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