Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soap Stars On The Go!- Antonio

The other night I was out and about in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, looking for hotspots and what their bathrooms are like. I met up with a friend at ‘disiac lounge and before we headed out to explore 10th ave., I, of course, checked out the bathroom. Now, they only have one bathroom for their clientele…therefore they have a very strict list of rules for using it.

(A full transcript is added at below in case you can't read them well; or want to implement them yourself.)

We headed down toward the meatpacking district to try to ‘bust’ some celebs on the go. We were saying hi to a friend at his restaurant when I noticed a familiar face. Now, I’ve been known to watch a soap or two--hey, I’m an actor; I call it research--and Days of Our Lives and One life to Live are my encyclopedia. It was Kevin Spirtas- Dr. Craig Wesley on Days!!!

He was awesome and stepped away from dinner to say hi and take a picture with me. I am totally gonna go see him next week in his play at Playwright’s Horizon before he goes on a cruise for a guest appearance.

Unfortunately The Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room has a very excluuuuuuusive ‘by invitation and reservation only’ policy, and to make a reservation they have to either recognize your number on their caller ID, or recognize your name. Well I didn’t meet the criteria, and the doorman didn’t know Mr. Whipple (The nerve!!!!) so we walked away amidst a group of long legged, svelte beauties that I’m sure we’ve all seen on catwalks and magazine pages.

'til next time.

your Papi Charmin.


PS- The picture below is Emilio Roso. He's been in The Young and the Restless and Mad Men.

Employees must wash hands,

And you too!!!!!!

No talking on the cell phone in the bathroom.

No quickies!!!!!!

Only one person at a time.

Please aim, do your business and leave.

We have one bathroom, many people.

Make it quick and keep it clean. There is a time limit , if you go over

The time limit, mgmt has the key!!!!!!

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