Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joan:Helpful tips from mom's that you might try

Getting my son to learn the standing-up thing was hard, so we turned it into a game. I put five Cheerios in the potty and told him to aim at them when he peed. Every time he did it right, he got to pick out a prize from a bag of goodies I picked up at the dollar store. -- Erika Cosentino; Lawrenceville, New Jersey

My middle son was stubborn when it came to #2 on the potty -- absolutely refused, no matter the reward. So I finally told him that when we flush, the poop goes out to the sea to feed the fish -- so if he didn't go, then the poor little fish wouldn't have anything to eat. My son, being the compassionate, sensitive little do-gooder he is, felt it was his mission to poop to "save" the fish. (After all, Nemo and Dory were counting on him!)
Liane Worthington; Simpson, Pennsylvania

We found that our son simply was not interested in remembering to go on his own, so we found the Potty Watch, which he loved. You program this wrist watch to play songs and light up at 30-, 60-, or 90-minute intervals; then it resets itself and starts the countdown all over again.
Heather Ledeboer; Athol, Idaho

My daughter was terrified of the automatic flushers in public restrooms, so I started doing this trick. Put a Post-It note over the sensor and it will prevent the toilet from auto-flushing. After she's all done, wiped, and left the stall, you can remove the paper to let the toilet flush.
Tracy Marines; Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Best Potty Training Books (via

Everyone Poops By Taro Gomi All creatures great and small (including children) need to eat -- and poop.
I Want My Potty By Tony Ross Through trial and error, a little princess finally learns to use the potty.
My Big Girl Potty By Joanna Cole Ashley learns to use the toilet with some help from a favorite stuffed bunny. In the boys' version, My Big Boy Potty, Michael's stuffed bear does the honors.
Once Upon a Potty By Alona Frankel Straight talk about making the big leap from diapers to potty. Available in a boys' and girls' version.
Sam's Potty By Barbro Lindgren Sam is ambivalent about using the potty -- until his little dog discovers it.
The Potty Book By Alyssa Satin Capucilli A big box contains a "big-kid" surprise for Henry (boys' version) or Hannah (girls' version).
The Princess and the Potty By Wendy Cheyette Lewison A spoiled princess rejects a host of fancy potty seats until she's good and ready to shed her diapers.
Uh Oh! Gotta Go! By Bob McGrath Potty tales from toddlers.
What Do You Do with a Potty? By Marianne Borgardt An interactive pop-up book explains the toilet training process.
When You've Got to Go By Janelle Kriegman and Mitchell Kriegman Favorite characters from Bear in the Big Blue House offer kids the reassurance they need.

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  1. What worked for my oldest son was squirting him in the back with a water squirter. This made him pee almost every time. Do not do this if they are scared of the squirter.