Thursday, December 3, 2009

Even Princesses Have to Go!- Antonio

Many girls wish to become a beautiful princess in a fabulous ball gown. Throughout the years, Disney has brought princesses to our hearts and minds in beloved animated fairy tales. Recently, they brought them to life for the premiere of their latest movie, "The Princess and the Frog." My mission: To find out how a princess "Enjoys the Go." So off I went, red sneakers and all, to meet the princesses. Disney has a way of transporting you to a kingdom far, far away, and at this event, each one of them was up on their own carriage, graciously posing for pictures.

The Princesses were gorgeous, of course. But here's what I wondered:

Belle tamed the beast and turned him into a prince,
but was she ever so scared of him she had to go?
Did Cinderella have an easier time with the 'go' before the fairy godmother came around and gave her a beautiful yet elaborate ball gown?
The "fairest of them all" had to share one bathroom with seven guys? Oy.
Did Tiana, the newest princess, have an easier time going as a frog?

Ariel, bet you were quite surprised when you became "Part of His World"! Scuttle didn't mention 'the go' did he?
"John Smith, put the toilet seat down!"
One thing I know: It's always a whole new go!!

Well, what did I learn...a Princess's tinkle is a secret between her and her Prince Charmin. ;)

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  1. This is crazy! I can't even deal with this meeting of the Charmin Guy and some princesses (whom we happen to know and love). And the Prince Charmin pun at the end? Brilliant. xoxo