Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Havana in New York with a dash of Broadway- Antonio

When you step into Calle Ocho Restaurant, the infectious salsa music magically transports you out of the Upper West Side and straight into ‘Little Havana.’ The festive d├ęcor and ambiance accompany you all the way to your table, where the staff, dressed in ‘guayaberas’ (traditional Cuban button down shirts with four pockets), delivers some of the most delicious Latin food in NYC.

A couple mojitos and caipirinhas later, a trip to the restroom is in order.

Although easily accessible, the decoupage/collage walls camouflage the restroom halls.*

And then here’s what tickles me about them:

“Lucy, I’m hoooome!”

It’s Ricky Ricardo and I Love Lucy**.

A picture of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball indicates which bathroom you should use, and the same festive feel continues inside, music and all. (Word to the wise: guys, don’t dance while you’re ‘going’. It makes a mess. Just sayin’.)

* For the musical theater folk: 'decoupage/collage walls camouflage the restroom halls' is an accidental yet amusing Sondheim-esque internal rhyme as interpreted by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hence, the sentence structure might not be ideal, but if you rap it like Usnavi in In the Heights or the witch in Into the Woods you'll see what I mean. Oh, and how cute are these walls?

**Yes, her name is Lucille Ball (or Lucy Ricardo if you go by the character), but I used to call her ‘I Love Lucy’ as a kid and still do when she shows up unexpectedly. hee hee

Don't judge! I've never been able to rap.

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