Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out in SoHo- Antonio

SoHo has long been a neighborhood known for style. Designer boutiques, art galleries, modeling agencies, trendy restaurants and bars make this neighborhood a coveted destination for visitors and locals alike. Heck, GQ voted the corner of Prince and Broadway as the one with the prettiest people in America. One Thursday night we did a little bar hopping in the neighborhood.

Our first stop was Peep, A Thai restaurant on the Travel Channel’s Extreme Bathrooms list.

The bathroom is behind a one-way mirror, so while you’re ‘going’ it’s totally private, but you see people at their tables eating and stuff. Cool design and concept, I guess, considering the name of the place. Maybe with people at the tables it would’ve been funny, but it was a little weird.

Recommended by Dustin, our Go Team’s wrangler,

our next stop was ‘The Room’, an awesome, dark, sexy wine and beer bar. The industrial build of the place is ‘cozied up’ with velvet couches and comfy corners to snuggle up with a date or a friend (hey, don’t judge; some friends are really friendly). The bathroom shows the mix of styles of the place.

It’s like a designer took a stone cottage, and keeping the feel of the place, made it chic and stylish.

Next up was Bar 89 on Mercer Street, the first bathroom I was recommended to see upon becoming a Go Team-er. Sleek, modern, minimalist style restaurant/bar yada yada…but the bathrooms. On the second floor of the loft-like space, the bathroom lounge is a large area with six glass doors.

The pods are narrow yet roomy, and when you clasp the hook to lock the door the glass fogs up to give you complete privacy! The word ‘occupied’ lights up on the door as well. It was pretty wild; an extra little thrill before you ‘go’.

We headed East on the island Manhattan for one last foray in search of a chic bathroom to share. Cutting through the chill of the night and trying to ignore some idiots who were purposely smashing glass bottles in the middle of the road, we were looking for ‘Goldbar’. Gold in Spanish is Oro. Spanish is the language of my home country. I saw a sign that said “ORO”, and took us there for a drink and a ‘Go’. Dara, the cute Texan blond bartender, made us some delicious fresh herb infused drinks. The bathroom was alright. Clean, simple, standard; nothing special. It was time to call it a night. On our way home we see two bouncers outside a big wooden door and inquire as to what this place is. “Goldbar,” they respond. We looked at each other and cracked up that we had totally gone to the wrong place. By this point, though, we were done. It was cold and late and the bouncers were none too pleased with our laughing.

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