Monday, December 14, 2009

funny Man Cody: SantaCon NYC

I'm asking some Reindeer how they "enjoy the go"

The Go team had some fun on Saturday talking to people on the streets and we all kept noticing people dressed as Santas and every other festive character you could think of. I of course knew I had to get some video footage of all this fun. We were down in the Bowery at the time and I had the feeling Christmas was everywhere. I wished people dressed this way everyday during the holiday season it was Awesome!!!! We were all dressed in our Charmin Letterman Jackets and we got so many stares and people asking us questions, I think most people at first glance thought we were trying to be Like a High School Christmas team from the North Pole or something, which would have been cool (next year). Check out our Facebook page for more cool pics of the different costumes people were wearing.

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