Thursday, November 26, 2009

Charmin Buddy Bobby Sprinkles- Leah

Hey Guys! this is AWESOME!!! I met Rob, AKA BOBBY SPRINKLES, at around 10 am on the first full day of the Charmin Restroom Experience! He was an amazing guy getting ready for a backpacking journey of a lifetime! check out what he had to say about his opportunity to enjoy the go! - Leah

I found the Charmin Bathroom in Times Square. I had seen it in the past in NY, but always had thought ahhh whatever, why would anyone want to go to the bathroom in Times square? I expected squalor, what I found was far from it. After the cute little black woman, who happened to be the Charmin toilet Mascot, told me that I should go up and have a look and hang out, take off my backpack and play some games! Go up and dance son! All whilst a man with a clanging bell was clanging away. I thought why not? I have time to kill. What a time was had!! Anyone that happens to be in NY during the holiday period from Now til December 31st should definitely stop in. Not only were the toilets spotless, you could try any of the like 6 different varieties of their tissue, jump around in toilet paper roll pit . Get your picture taken on a huge can, do your best potty dancing. When they saw that I was a backpacker, they were thrilled. Where are you from? Canada I replied. HEY EVERYONE CANADA IS HERE was piped into Times Square as was everything else the man with the mic said!! And where are you going? India and Australia I said, Wow India, well go and use our toilets and see what you won’t in India I was told!! Leah a member of the Charmin Ambassador Go Team came over and walked me through the games, took lots of pictures with my camera and actually gave me a huge quilted roll of Toliet paper. As she said I know they often don’t have any TP in India. Take this with you, and stay in contact with us. You can become a field representative for us! I intend to send them lots of pics on the journey. They can follow me around as I find other toilets in other places! After whooping it up for a good half an hour, I would leave there and go back out into the heart of Times Square. BOBBY SPRINKLES - "Field Correspondent"

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