Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Enjoying the Go Like a Star: MARIO LOPEZ, ELVIS, AND OPENING DAY - Antonio

OK! So it was day one of the Charmin Restroom. The morning was busied in preparation of the media extravaganza. The excitement overflowed as all the final details came together for the big unveiling and grand opening. Superstar and our ‘King of the Throne’, Mario Lopez, took care of cutting the ribbon and the ceremonial first flush. He was friendly as ever and we were super pumped to have him on opening day. I was ready to tell him how people always say I could be his little brother and stuff, but played it cool, gave him a bro hug, dropped my voice a full octave and a half and said “What’s going on Mario?” PS- I spent the weekend doing abs knowing I'd be standing next to him for the cameras. Mario admits that he “Enjoys The Go” because, with his hectic schedule, it is the only peaceful and alone time that he really gets.

Oh, before I go on, for the next couple weeks, I’ll be blogging about celebrity sightings in the Charmin Restroom and NYC areas, Hollywood potty stories (Barbara Streisand likes rose petals in her hotel toilet seat and bowl) and bathrooms in NYC hotspots (like the one at Jay Z’s 40/40 club where the glass doors frost upon locking them). So email me with stories and pictures of ‘Stars on the Go’ and swanky bathrooms you see.

So, the rest of the day…After a couple interviews for the media we rode around the city in a double decker bus decked out in Charmin logos and pics that made the riders look like they were ‘enjoying the go’. (Check ‘em out on our Flickr and Twitter.) People on the street got a real kick out of it. I mean, picture a row of 20 people sitting on the toilets riding down Broadway on a bus. Once the bathrooms opened, people started pouring in. We got all sorts of reactions. “What are we here for?” asked Kelly, a 16 year old from Orlando, FL. “Only in America” said a young woman from London who was here to see some Broadway shows. Tourists from Qatar, families from all over the country, NYC locals who needed a quick relief all stopped by today.

Happy Thanksgiving peeps. Check in on Monday for the weekend happenings.

Stars on the Go: Well, Mario Lopez of course. And an Elvis impersonator hung out for a while. (Elvis is IN the building.) I tried to catch Jude Law outside of Hamlet at the Broadhurst but missed him. I’ll get him for you guys.

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