Saturday, November 28, 2009

Funny Man Cody: First Field Interveiw

There is a reason why you should not chew gum while trying to conduct an interview. I look like a cat that has peanut butter on the roof of its mouth the whole time (smack smack, chomp chomp). The interview is funny for many reasons, so I decided to post it. It was my first one of the day. I of course picked a lady (Albina from Albania) who I think was more scared of me than anything else. Her husband was giving me the stare; you know the one. If you notice, she keeps trying to slowly edge away. You know she was thinking, "just answer his questions, and maybe he will leave you alone." I have never frightened anyone into giving an interview, a new technique I will be using. My plan was to ask random shoppers if they would buy there children a doll that pees and poops. I think it sounds too messy and more work than fun. I expect my toys to clean up after themselves...

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