Friday, November 27, 2009

STARS ON THE ‘GO’: Donny and Whoopi’s ‘Gotta Go’ Dance- Antonio

This week Donny Osmond won Dancing With The Stars. So, I summoned The Go Team and headed out to “The View” recording studios (where they perform after winning) to try to catch him and ask this legendary star why he Enjoys the Go. I mean, he just won a dance show; he’s GOTTA have a ‘gotta go’ dance. We took on our best paparazzi attitude and set up watch at the stage door. As his car pulled out of the lot, we flashed our big smiles, flagged him down, and turned up the charm. (I mean, it’s Donny Osmond…he understands charm, he speaks charm.) He graciously stopped, lowered his window, and gave us a moment.

Hey Donny, do you have a ‘gotta go’ dance?

Gosh, even when he’s confused, he’s charming.

He cracks up as he tells Leah that he does.

Donny flashes that charm.

Natalie Portman, Kym Johnson, Kelly Osbourne all waived as their cars drove away; Elizabeth Hasselbeck wished us a Happy Thanksgiving as she went for a run, but we got Whoopi! YES! The hilarious Whoopi Goldberg! Watch the video to see what see had to say about her 'gotta go' dance.

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