Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Enjoy The Go . Funny Man- Cody

Pets gotta go too sometimes! Today while Antonio and the Go Team were at The View, catching a glimpse of "Dancing with the Stars" winner Donny Osmond, we met some pretty interesting characters. In particular a very colorful lady, Franny, and her adorable dog Mopsy. Franny was asking us what we were doing at ABC, who we were there to see, and who we were. Well, all the commotion apparently got Mopsy nervous, and she could not "make it" with us around. Franny was determined to see a star, but the funny thing is, everytime Franny walked off with Mopsy, a star would roll through. We would take pics and ask questions, and as soon as they would drive off, Franny would appear, flustered, and ask us who she missed. Then she would look at Mopsy and say, "I'm sorry I interrupted your 'go.'" "Lets try again," and as she walked away another star would roll up. We would see Franny bustling back over, dragging Mopsy, and she would say, "Who was that? Who did Mopsy make me miss?" At the time, it was Whoopi. Franny looked at Mopsy and said, "Mopsy you have to "make it" for Mommy! We are missing all the stars..." This was a hilarious show to watch while waiting for the celebrities. Franny asked us what we did, and I told her that I was a Charmin ambassdor doing all things funny for Charmin. She replied, "I'm doing stand-up at Carolines." (Of course she is!) I could just see Mopsy sitting on the couch while Frantastic practices her stand-up.
On the way back Leah said, "Lets get some children's books." This is what she picked out (see photo above). The page with the baby "going" was, well... I guess my face sums it up best...
Your Prince Charmin,

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