Wednesday, November 25, 2009

“A journey of a thousand toilets begins with the first pit stop." - Leah

Hello America! I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you that my Potty Platform is (drum roll) America’s Top Places to “Enjoy The Go”!! We need to work together to discover the best public pit stops across our great country! Think of me fondly every time you go, I promise I won’t mind. When you are lucky enough to come across a CLEAN, FREE, FAMILY FRIENDLY place to do your business, take a snapshot and let me know why it was such a stellar place to enjoy the go! I want to hear back from all 50 states. Check out my video below to find out who you are : ) I want all the juicy details: What made this particular seat a “go” vs. a “NO go”. How does it smell? How does the lighting set the mood for optimum performance? Send your descriptions, pictures, and stories, to so I can compile a Top Ten List! I strongly believe wherever you go to go, you should get more bang for your butt! I want a sea to shining sea report my friends. Where will your state float in? Please don’t forget to add your finds to Sit or Squat on Let’s make the USA a better place to pee.

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