Monday, November 23, 2009

The Go Team: A Journey - Antonio

As the morning grew colder, the line grew longer, and the excitement
grew wilder on the sidewalk of West 54th street.
Passers-by wondered
about the 250-people-deep line and the cameras rolled by to ask: “Why

are you the right one to be the Charmin Ambassador?”.

I must admit, walking by the 75 people in line ahead of me, I

thought: “Another open call, really? Really?!”
But as a Charmin
Ambassador I’d be meeting, greeting, and entertaining people and this

is what I naturally enjoy doing. So to get paid for it…well, I mean…I

A couple of “bathroom trains”, “stay warm dances” (very
similar to the “potty dance”), and an array of costumes and toilet

paper props later, we finally went into the holding room at the Hilton.

OK, about the costumes.
The most impressive was the sparkly
superhero couple.
They had long flowy colorful hair, sparkly gold
bodices, red leggings and blue star-ridden capes.
Their height was
even stretched further by their six inch, knee-high, silver platform

You get the picture? (Go to to see them.) The
rest were toilet paper based or inspired.
Toilet paper grandma was
at the very front of the line with her friend, donning a flappery,

fringy, crafty dress, meticulously made out of TP.
There was Prince
Charmin, a knight in Charmin armor, sashes, hair ties, crowns,

bandanas, and straggling pieces on people’s shoes.

I wondered if I should have brought in a costume or a prop or a

gimmick; for a little while got kinda psyched out.
That’s not really
me, though, and I was well prepared based on what I do—host, party

motivate, entertain, connect and engage with people, etc…--so I stuck

to my original game plan.

Four hours of waiting in lines, and it was finally my turn to go in

the room.
I got the usual audition jitters, a combination of nerves
and excitement, but went in there determined to just be myself.
went very well.
They asked questions. Boom, I answered. They asked
how’d I entertain people. Boom, I did a little cha cha. (The Charmin

Cha Cha I like to call it. Come on down to the Charmin Restrooms and

you can learn it too!!!)
Then one casting director behind the table
cracked up as she asked me: “Do you blog about your log?”
I cracked
up with her.

It was an awesome audition experience!
Everyone was super nice and
after a callback round, HERE I AM, blogging with you, America about

how we all ‘Enjoy the Go!’ So keep an eye out for Stars on the Go

(celebrity sightings) and Fancy Flushes (the swankiest bathrooms) and

share them with me.

- Antonio

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