Monday, November 23, 2009

The Go Team: A Journey - Cody

I’ve gotten a lot of calls in the past from potential employers offering me jobs but I have never wanted a call more than the one I was fortunate enough to receive from Charmin. It has been such an exciting journey from the audition room, to the first meeting with the Charmin staff, to meeting my fellow ambassadors.

I remember at the callback meeting some really interesting people. Potential candidates were in the Hilton rehearsing songs, practicing dance moves, putting on some pretty clever costumes and then there was me in a shirt and tie. (A tie, really?) I didn't have Charmin toilet paper props or parody songs with the word Charmin thrown in and definitely hadn't prepared 'Gotta go!' dance moves. I started to psyche myself out and think, "What am I doing here? Why would they want me? What did I get myself into?" I was a nervous wreck. But then, two thoughts came to me. The first was, "Don’t drink two cups of coffee before an audition" and second was, "Just be yourself. Do what you do best: entertain people."

My favorite thing to do is talk to strangers (much to my mothers dismay when I was younger). I thought, "Cody, go in there and talk to this room of 10 people as if they’ve been your life-long friends and have fun. This Charmin ambassador job is all about fun. Well, making the bathroom experience fun." 'Enjoy the go,' as they say. So, that's what I did. I went in that room and tried to make some new friends. Fortunately, for me, it worked. (They still haven’t Facebooked me though.)

I am so excited to open the Charmin restrooms in Time Square and get to talk with thousands of people. We are going to have a blast New York City.

- Your Prince “Charmin” Cody

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  1. Cody you are the best. You make everyone feel like they're your best friend.