Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Opening Day Reflections - Leah

November 23rd. It's super bowl season for Charmin. Riding in on the subway creating an itunes on-the- go playlist to both pump me up and calm me down, I looked around and thought, these people have NO idea how I'm feeling inside! I'm giddy with my stomach tied in knots. They have no inkling that I choked down cottage cheese for breakfast simply as a precautionary measure so as not to pass out later from the fun and excitement of Charmin Restrooms Opening Day! I studied faces. Some of these people are simply going through routine just as I've done in the past, but today I am jumping out of my skin ready to embark on something that could change everything...well at least the amount of time I spend in the bathroom. Researchers say that people spend 3 years of their lives in the bathroom, so I guess I'll be significantly upping that time. How stinking awesome! (Hopefully more of the awesome than the stinking.) I arrived early and so decided to sit in the middle of Times Square traffic. That's not as crazy as it seems -- they've made seating zones for pedestrians now! I proceeded to collect my thoughts and take it all in. Breathtaking! The sign was going up as I took down mental notes. Charmin Restrooms Now Open! I can't wait to see what the day has in store...

The Go Team assembled and I learned I was in the company of 4 other Nervous Nellies. The restroom is like a giant playground, and at 10 am, we had the run of the place. We were like little kids exploring for the first time (hence all our silly pics on flickr). We danced out some of the jitters with a little wiggle to the left, a little wiggle to the right, until it was time to focus.

Enter Mario (A.C.) Lopez. Well, actually his dimples entered first. For those of you who are dying to know, yes, they're even better in person. Mario was great and super stoked that he had designed his own VIP boxing bathroom. The media arrived, and Shawn announced Mario, who announced The Charmin Ambassadors Go Team to the world. LEAH, Annie, Cody Joan, Antonio...Is this really happening?! Mario used scissors Sweeney Todd would have been envious of to slice through the bright red ribbon, and gave the first ceremonial flush! All septic systems go! Mario rang the boxing bell for victory rounds Number 1 and Number 2! He also "can-fessed" that with his demanding schedule, the bathroom is one of the only places he gets some R&R. Alright everyone, arms around Mario and say "Please don't squeeze!"

We were whisked away on the Charmin Double Doodie Decker Bus that makes its passengers appear to be fully engaged on the john! Hilarity! Antonio and I were discussing our smile headaches. Throughout the ride, we got a kick out of pedestrians' huge reactions and double decker double takes. The public poured in around 3 B.M. and boy were they loving the relief! It was a whirlwind of a day, but no one gave me a swirly. I'd call that a success. : )

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  1. Leah!!
    You CRACK me up. Literally. I'm laughing so hard, I'm flushed.
    The Deuce